September 5, 2011

Stranding for the English-impaired


Yes, I am doing some stranded work It's a baby hat in very unbabylike colors ’cause I hate baby colors and ’cause I don't know if it's a boy or a girl (actually, could have done it in pink and blue, but did I say that I hate pink and light blue?). I am not very good at stranding, I have worked a couple of hats with this technique and that's about all, but it's fun to learn a new skill.
Well, I am not able to knit English style fullstop, so the "hold one yarn in the left and the other in the right" thing would not work for me. I have tried several types of thimbles for stranded knitting but they don't work for me either, especially with this type of very thin yarn (and my type of very thin fingers). In previous occasions I fought terribly to keep the two yarns separate and moving smoothly along, but it always ended up in horrible tangles.
But this time something new occurred.I usually knit with my own brand of Eastern Uncrossed style, but I started knitting the red yarn, sitting closer to the needles, in the regular Continental style. It works nice, the tip of the needle always goes in through the center, helping to keep the yarns separate and untangled, and the method is turning out to be faster and smoother that anything I tried before. On the next row I know that the stitches in one color will be oriented differently from the stitches in the other color, but that's fine: it's not so much different from working in Combination style! I think I could have found my own stranding style.

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