September 26, 2011

A new yarn

Natural Dye Company wool + silk

Say "hi" to my new spin. This is wool and silk by the Natural Dye Company. The amount is really tiny, I haven't bothered yet with weighing and measuring it but it 's a really tiny ball, and it was part of a mixed bag I got at KnitNation 2010. I have two more colors of the same blend, blue and orangey-pinkish. Overall the three colors may still be below or just around 50 grams.
This was worsted-spun on my lightest spindle and then Andean plied. The silk in the bled was just lovely, but unfortunately the wool was a bit matted so it came out a bit iregular in spots. Since I also have wool in the same hues, I considered if I ought to blend in the silk in with carders, but overall I preferred to have a silk-rich small amount of dense and shiny yarn. It probably will work better in weaving than knitting or crochet, but I will decide what to do with it once I have spun also the other two colors.

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