March 1, 2011

Oops, I did it again

Sometimes you get a yarn and plan to just swatch and see how it works and in just one second a pattern emerges.

Fontana mitts

These are my new Fontana Mitts, called after the Fontana Sisters, the famous Italian coutouriers if the mid XX century and famous for their wedding gowns. Sunday night I was watching the TV movie that RAI produced on the (largely made-up) story of the three Fontana sisters and at the same time I was toying with the BTWC yarn I got for testing and almost of its own volition the two-ply (Oropa) started turning into this, and the accompanying pattern. I am now working for the second mitten and at the same time editing the small size version (The ine I am knitting). Next I will have to size them up (keeping track of everything) for M and L sizes, find testers... Geee!

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