January 24, 2011

Not much done

Vest I haven't been posting because I actually don't have much to say. After finisching the Cat's Paw Socks I have kept knitting on the vest (I am now a bit further compared to the pic here: I have started some decreases to shape the waist, all done on the back to keep the vest from hiding too much of my bum's shapes! ^_^) and started a new pair of socks. dome a bit of spinning and... Well, set up a couple of knitting courses that are supposed to start at the end of February: one is a beginner and one is for circular knitting. Both will be held in Milano, check out the courses page in the top bar for more informations (being updated next).
Yup, more socks As for the socks, what can beat good old, plain stockinette with a k1, p1 rib border for relaxation (and who cares if they are a bit boring!). One sock got done in a week, the other has been started yesterday and I am already at the end of the quite deep rib border. Reliable Dutch heel and French toe complete them. Comfort knitting at its best!

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