January 13, 2011

(Not) as granny did

This morning I had an interesting talk with my grandma. Well, not much of a talk since she's a non fluent apahsiac. I was working on the vest I started on New Year's Eve and I was at the point of transferring all stitches on a signle circular and start working on the body, so I was moving stitches around like a mad woman using a number of cables and two different sizes of tips from my Denise set.
She looked at me for a while and said a string of syllables with the overall meaning of "I did anything, sweater and all, with just two knitting pins, how comes that you spend all of thee money to buy fancy tools". I avoided to tell her that for the Denise I didn't spend a single eurobuck since that was a gift. The point is that to me working back and forth on two neeles is a huge waste of time and effort: it's more difficult, it takes more time, it does not allow you to knit except on a chair or stool, and leaves you with pieces that need sewing. Sewing! Oh, my...
But in the very end, there is also another reason why I love haing so many tools, even those I do not usually use like the row counters: I am a geek inside. As I am delighted with each and every new software application I download and install on my Android smartphone, I am equally delighted with each and every new knitting tool I lay my hands on. I have two different types and three different sizes of stitch holders, and still always use scrap yarn to hold stitches, I am a geek! I am not my granny.

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  1. Volevo farti sapere che ho tradotto in italiano il programma Scheme Maker, di cui avevi parlato in una risposta su Answers.
    Se vuoi scaricare i files, puoi leggere il post del mio blog a questo indirizzo: File con le traduzioni per Scheme Maker
    Se trovi qualche imprecisione, ti prego di farmelo sapere. Io l'inglese lo conosco abbastanza bene, ma credo che tu lo sappia meglio di me.


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