November 29, 2011

A really BIG Cowl

The Italian version of this cowl was published on La versione italiana di questo collo è stata pubblicata su

Collo Big a colori
Two hanks of Bracco Big, big fat needles and in a little more than one hour here's a perfect and very warm accessory ready t be gifted. 

  • Bracco Big, 35% baby alpaca, 28% acrylic, 22% polyammide, 15% merino wool, 100 g = 40 m, 1 hank each coll. 5 (a) e 6 (b)
  • 15 mm 16 cm long circular needle
  • one 6 mm needle or, if you are using an interchangeable circular kit,a 6 mm pit (optional)
  • a crochet hook at least size 10 mm (optional)
  • Scissors
Tension: 6 sts = 10 cm in g st
Measures: circ. = 63 cm, height = 22 cm.
In this pattern the short rows are knitted by simply turning the work with no need to wrap and turn: the garter stitch and the thickness of the yarn prevent holes and unevenness in texture.
The first stitch in each row should always be knitted, never slipped. This will make the sewing up easier.

Collo Big grigio su grigio (non cambia molto)


C.o. 35 sts with the long tail method and col. a.
Knit 1 row, start working the hort row pattern.

First short row section
  • Row 1: k 5, turn.
  • Row 2 and all even rows: k all sts.
  • Row 3: k 10, turn..
  • Row 5: k 5, turn..
Continue knitting 5 sts more on each odd row until you will be knitting 30 sts. 

Central section

Turn and knit all sts, then knit 2 rows from end to end.
Join col. b, k 2 rows with col. b, k 2 more rows with col. a and cut leaving a 30 cm tail. Continue working with col b for 3 rows. 

Second short row section
  • Row 1: k 30, turn.
  • Row 2 and all even rows: k all sts.
  • Row 3: k 25, turn..
  • Row 5: k 20, turn..
Continue knitting 5 sts less on each odd row until you will be knitting 5 sts only.

Final border

K 2 rows.
B.o. all sts with EZ's sewn b.o. using your fingers to run the yarn tail through the stitches, if you like you may use a very big crochet hok to hel you sew the stitches. You may also substitute the needle (or just its tip) with a 6 mm needle to make things easier. 


Seam the short sides together still using either your fingers or the crochet hook.
Wash the cowl in warm water and let it dry (veru slowly) on a flat surface.

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