October 9, 2011

À propos de "Julie et Julia"

Meryl Streep portraying Julia Childs
and, on the right, Julia Childs herself
I was watching the first part of Julie & Julia and it started me thinking about obsessions' salvific power. Obsession can eat you out, but they offer you a place to go back to and something to hold on when things go bad. It occurred to both the main characters in the film. It occurred me several times in the eyars since I started crocheting first and then knitting: I strted crocheting because I needed something to hang from in times of trouble, and time after time I constantly find myself going back to crocheting, knitting and spinning when I start really feeling lost and empty. Obsessions can eat you out, but then they throw you up in a new shape and consistency, one more fitting to face the world. Maybe not as clean as before, though...

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