April 22, 2011

It's one of those times again

When having a spindle full of singles cheers you up for the whole day.


But here I have a problem. This is all of the yarn I could get from that smallish roving, this amount I plan to ply with the andean techniquye, but there's enough to really tire me out as I set up for plying this way. I seriusly risk ending up like Bumbiling Bees in this rather pornographic situation. I'd really need one of these, just maybe not so cristian-shaped

April 19, 2011

Planning ahead

I have taken a decision. This summer will be 4-5 days in Edinburgh and a handful more in London for KnitNation.

April 18, 2011

Not much to say, except a course

I haven't been posting essentially because I don't have much to say: I am mainly working on finishig some stuff (some long-due stuff too!) and some stuf I am planning for publication.
The opnly erelvant thing to say is that on May 14, starting at 10 am, I will be teaching reversible cables at Unfilodi... in Carate Brianza. Check out the link for further informations.

April 4, 2011

Am I a blogstar now?

In the Italian bologosphere, there was a moment when everyone was suddenly publishing books and therefore becoming a "blogstar" (whatever the heck a blogstar is). Well, is this my turn to become a blogstar of sorts? Because I am appearing in a book, a knittiiong book obviously, of the Fresh Designs series published by Cooperative Press. The shawl I designed (a shawlette for taller than me americans, but I am a tiny Italian and that was, for me, a full-sized shawl) will be included in the upcoming shawls and wraps vollume of the series and here is the sneek preview of it. (For a more complete preview of the series go to this Facebook page.)

Fresh designs also has launched a fundraiser through Kickstarter. See here for more informations and to contribute.
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