December 27, 2010


DSCN2333 Several years back I happened to find this yarn, Mondial Decatì. It is a cheapo 100% wool sock yarn which is now only produced as solid, but at the time it was also produced in a few interesting variegated, including the green one I used for my Child's First Socks. This second colorway was bought just because it reminded me of a calico cat's fur and I always pictured myself wearing calico socks with small Cat's Paws on them.
Sock done Point is, I started knitting them a few years back and never go to finish the first sock. It was about the time I discovered my gynecological problems and the association with these socks plus the disastrous pill I had to take too away all fancy about this yarn.
I exhumed the yarn a couple of weeks back and I am now speed knitting it (well, with as much speed as my multiple projects allow me...) with small cat's paws and ribs and all of that stuff. And I am very satisfied with the way they are turning out, although I am now unable to make them into a pattern due to the fact that the yarn seems to have been discontinued, at least in the variegated version. Look! I even learned to graft properly!

December 24, 2010

Sideways garter neckwarmer

This supereasy neckwarmer is a quick knit, requiring no more than a couple of hours. The sideways garter structure can is easier than a nonknitter would think, with just a decrease and an increase that gives it shape. The I-cord border can be substituted with a couple more garter ridges, but do not let yourselves be scared by the I-cord, which is not hard at all to knit.

You will need
  • Filtes King Joy, 1 ball (col 311) 50 g = 78 m (85 yds).
  • 6 mm/US 10 needles, straight or circular.
  • 2 buttons, 2,4 mm/1 inch in diameter.
  • Scissors and taspestry needle.
Tension: 13 sts = 10 cm/4 inches.
Finished dimensions: 13 × 48 cm (5.2 × 19.2 inches)  - the length has been measured along one edge, not tip to tip.


December 23, 2010

In sad memory of a vest


This has been my favorite vest for a very short time. I knitted it top-down (my first top-down project ever!) last spring and worn it a few times, until my mom felted it to nothingness. While in the process of felting it I discovered how she manages toturnabout everything I knit into a felt chair leg pad in about three washes. She just stuffs everything with any color on it (jeans, cotton stuff, handknits...) in the washer and washes everything at 60°C with strong soap. No wonder my handknits last so little: indeed the rate at which she can felt everything uup exceeds the rate to which I produce handknits. RIP, favorite vest. (Indeed, I have developed an idea to rework it in an even nice, hopefully, way, which may turn into a nice pattern, but knitting takes time, more time than wash and felt into nothingness!)

December 16, 2010

Seems I'm back to blogging again

This time it will be a knit-only-blog and in English. It would take time to say why I took this decision, so I will avoid. As you can see, the blog is still largely a draft. it will be a work in progress (do not visit the pages yet, please!).
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