September 13, 2011

Socking again

Seems like I am back in the sock mood. I knitted a sock to prepare a class, then I completed a pair of socks (they took me ages, the most boring pair I ever knitted!) then I knitted the first of a new pair and new design and then I strarted the first of another new pair-new design. The Black Death Socks will likely not go anywhere because they were so boring to make that I would not invite anyone to the same deadly attempt. But it seems that the Pulque and the spicier Senape may turn out interesting. Besides, they are done in the same yarn and therefore may be a nice couple to include in a series. Maybe I should plan two more socks to go with them: something really very plain (think of ribs on the leg and boring stockinette) and something with cables, all in the same yarn. Uhm... May be interesting! Meanwhile, I will have to finish the first Senape, then work the second Pulque and revies the pattern (and have it tested!).


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