October 17, 2011

Such delicate colors

A few days back I went to a very large yarn shop here in Milano to leave some flyers for the new Maglia-Uncinetto website. Actually I had to pay a visit to my commercialista, someone about every Italian needs to have while, for instance, in France there are only 6,000 such professionals because the tax system is easy enough that anyone can work out how much to pay for themselves. But her office is right above this yarn shop, so I took along the flyers and left them there. Obviously, I can't possibily enter a yarn shop and leave empty-handed! I bought three discounted yarns, one I had already used to knit socks twice, once again in green, because it's not so common to get a good 100% wool sock yarn in Italy, another yarn that may be fit for socks and two hanks of a really subdued baby merino yarn.
Ne ho amato i colori tenui...
Mondial Extrafine, subdued,
really really subdued, tones
Yup. It's a baby merino, actually an extrafine merino but it's perfect for babies and I don't personally know many people who would be superglad to knit themselves an adult garment with 3 mm needles. Baby yarn. With these colors. I guess it's no surprise that it went unsold. I honestly fell in love with it, but... Geee! In a country where most moms will not dress their babies in any other color but light pink and very light blue, this yarn is bound to go unsold. While never stopping from complain the scarce courage of Italian yarn producers, always quite a bit backwards, I am honestly apalled that anyone could think that this yarn, so bright and so thin, could ever sell.

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