October 5, 2011


Not very clear, is it?
Pardon me for being a lousy photographer.
I could not help it: once Knit One Knit All was in my hands I had to cast-on something, in specific the Ambidexterous Mittens. These are basically a strip of garter stitch with minimal shaping along the two ends and with a short-rowed section in the middle that turns almost maracolously into a mitten once folded and sewn, and a mitten that can be worn two ways! I am using a ball of single-ply wool-acrilyc blend fron Campolmi that my friend pm10 gifted me years ago (bless large stashes: I was already planning where I could buy the fitting yarn when this single hank fell into my hands) wich promises to blossom a little once washed. I had to tinker around with the pattern due to my extrathin hands: I opted to decrease one stitch each side soon after the thumb trick placement, which also meant that I slightly modified the short-row pattern. I am loving it anyhow!

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