October 1, 2011

B sides and outtakes

Double sided
Look at this: it's perfently double-sided! Ooow...
You work on an even number of sts, k1, slip next stitch pwise with yarn in front on all rows. I just love it. Add garter borders on the sides and a garter border on botom and top. For the garter border c.o. half the number of sts you will be working on plus the sts for the border, in the first row of the double-sided stockinette work increases instead of slipped sts and in the last row on top k2tog throughout. Lovely, as Jamie Oliver would say.
I will need, I feel the absolute need, to test it out on single rib: single rib borders all around and this double-sided stockinette. Or maybe I ought to combine it with some stitch from Barr's book.
(The full pattern in Italian will appear sometime in the future on Maglia-Uncinetto.it: it's a baby blanket from the 1870's.)

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