May 28, 2012

Supereasy accessories

Rib and roll fingerless mittens
I am currently working on a handful of supereasy accessories, which will be on sale probably in a few weeks. The issue with these accessories is that they are geared to Italian mainstream knitters, which forces me to simplify trying not to idiotify the patterns. With one exception they will be beginners' patterns, using only knit and purl stitches and very basic shapes. To make these patterns a bit more interesting I am uysing stitch patterns from the Guernsey tradition, which make everything look nicer and more visually interesting but require no special skill, only a bit of attention at what you are doing.

Infinity scarf knitted a a strip and sewn
Designing this kind of stuff is a bit difficult for the very reason that you need to get nice results from a very limited range of tecniques. Not only cables or lace may be offlimits, but also short rows, directional decreases and other shaping is beyond the graspo of some of the knitters these patterns are aimed at. It's elating and depressing at the same time. Such limited resources make one strain to devise something that looks cute (or at least decent) once worn, is attractive to the eye but at the same time will not bore you to death in 15 seconds. Not fun, but oddly fascinating.

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