January 31, 2011

Startitis is bad

Lana e seta di soiaSo, I have three vests on the needles (one almost completed, one stopped for lack of a yarn ball, one stopped fullstop), a pair of socks, two shawls, and likely a few other items scattered around, and yet on Sunday I got a very bad case of startitis. I spent the whole morning walking aroud the room, getting out my stash and sorting through it to find some yarn that inspired me, putting it back and repeat a few times. Ended upselecting the SWTC Karaoke (colors are better seen here) that I received with a swap ages ago (from Lucia).
I started swatching and toying around with it until I decided on an entrelac study, which turned out to be somewhat similar to this Not Enterely Entrelac scarf pattern but I just learned it this morning. Frogged because I was bored already, considered making another Shag, decided it was too boring once again and frogged, consiered making something in intarsia, but I will probably decide it's too boring yet once again... Shesh! I hate startitis!

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