December 23, 2010

In sad memory of a vest


This has been my favorite vest for a very short time. I knitted it top-down (my first top-down project ever!) last spring and worn it a few times, until my mom felted it to nothingness. While in the process of felting it I discovered how she manages toturnabout everything I knit into a felt chair leg pad in about three washes. She just stuffs everything with any color on it (jeans, cotton stuff, handknits...) in the washer and washes everything at 60°C with strong soap. No wonder my handknits last so little: indeed the rate at which she can felt everything uup exceeds the rate to which I produce handknits. RIP, favorite vest. (Indeed, I have developed an idea to rework it in an even nice, hopefully, way, which may turn into a nice pattern, but knitting takes time, more time than wash and felt into nothingness!)

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